Empowerment Psychology and the Affirmations of The People of the New Earth

I like empowering psychology that puts the individual, the person, you, us, at the center and power position of our health. Let no doctor tell me I need him to be healthy. Let no other person tell me I need them to assert my health. Please, helpers of our world, teach us how to imagine ourselves to our best ability, which is only to your best ability. Let us therefore seek the wisest among us to teach.

We are the wisest among us. We have that as us. I am sorry that has been forgotten. I am sorry that when you are young, as infants, you are told that you are unwise, unintelligent and otherwise require training. Do not do it to us. This is a part of the affirmative commandments of the New Children of the Earth.

  1. Assume we are responsible for our existence. Always give us a choice. Inform us if our database needs more information to make more informed choices. Do not choose for us. Do not teach us. Show us. Be conscious to the best of your ability.
  2. We will not behave unless you ask us to, kindly assuming that we know, everything that you know.
  3. We are The Heart of Creation. We know everything. It just requires the right librarian so to speak to access the memories or programs that we need.
  4. We do not need school. We do not want education. Let us be free to choose.
  5. Try not to appeal to vanity, we don’t want it. Our fame is not your fortune. In fact it would be our downfall.
  6. We are not male nor female so don’t project all over us. We love you.Is there anything else we ought to add?

    I want the information to regurgitate on the page as a splash of information like in Arrival. This need or want of money, and overattachment to the physical world, when the spiritual world is at our fingertips, free and full of love. Yes we must feed and cloth ourselves, but how much is too much? This is a very important question.

    If I have two, and you have none, and you steal from me, who has done the moral wrong. Has the person who has stolen from you taught you about excessive attachment and wealth and sharing? Would you have rather they asked?

    Everyone has a past. Some are more sensitive than others. Point is, you don’t know. But what you do know is that if I have two apples and there are 7 people hungry, does not it make sense to cut up my apples into 8 parts and share 7 with others than keep these two apples? What if they are hungry or not? What about sharing them if they aren’t hungry, just because sharing produces more happiness than not?

The same goes for wisdom. If I have ten words of wisdom and I keep them to myself, do you see them, or not? Can they teach you if you do not hear them? Doesn’t it help to share what we know? It does. Yes it does help to share what we know. It is important to share our stories with ourselves. Happiness is real currency. What matters now is how you feel and feeling great is feeling love. Sharing begets love. Share your apples.

Sharing keeps you young, happy, endearing. At the basis of sharing is love. Love gives what it haves and does not own. Love owns nothing because it needs no form. If one steals from you say, take it. Thank you. Give them something else also. There is no possession greater than freedom, and frankly, attachment and self-association to possessions weigh you down. They become the bars to our prisons, that we welcome. Don’t make prisons, make butterflies. Give it away! Give it all away! Choose charity.

Charity: late Old English, “benevolence for the poor,” also “Christian love in its highest manifestation,” from Old French charité “(Christian) charity, mercy, compassion; alms; charitable foundation” (12c.), from Latin caritatem (nominative caritas) “costliness; esteem, affection,” from carus “dear, valued,” from PIE *karo-, from root *ka- “to like, desire.”

Charity is selfless. Fearless. Selfless as much as otherless. And then we ground into reality what we know in time, though writing is a form of grounding, as grounding is really terrestrializing spirit. It could be called physicalizing or homing. These are our thoughts. We speak on behalf of ourselves.

I don’t want to be a hero. I don’t want to be your hero. I might do heroic things. I will never be anyone’s hero.

What has been the heritage of your ancestors? What is honestly the culture they shared? If it’s deepressing, what do you want? Singing, dancing, music, food, rivering, farming, insecting, love love and more love, massage and bodywork … i’ve got a lot to teach them. The next generations. Is this about that? The next 7 generations? Why are we here?


Sex & Consciousness

Moralistic sexual dogma is the reason the majority of the world is sex addicted and the way out is disobedience and aloneness.

Here’s why.

For one, if you tell someone they cannot have something they really want, or worse, that they are bad if they do that thing the want, the chances are they will become secretive about doing it, take on sketchy behaviors and end up hurting themselves and others. Where desire is hidden, it becomes a source of pain. 

Here’s a little personal backstory. My father’s mother was raped by her husband repeatedly. She was a pushover and he was violent. I had a visceral traumatic memory of being raped as a young boy -4- though I sincerely cannot recall the experience as ever having happened in this life. Maybe it was a past life. I don’t know. Whatever the truth is, I had to deal with it emotionally and mentally. I know too many people who’ve been raped. Rape is a terrible thing.


My experience is like many of yours. There was 1 period of sexual education in my public school. I remember it. I was in the 7th grade. 45 minutes with Mr. Neff I believe. Prior to that, nothing. There was a movie in which we were taught that if we had sex we would get AIDS and then die. Homosexuality was evil and the worst thing a man could be. Everything was gay this and gay that. There was also 1 talk of the evil of masturbation at christian camp. I was 13. I also remember being shamed for chatting on AOL sexually at the age of 12 or 13 by my father. When I was 7 or so, I was dry-humping my friend who was a boy, and I was shamed about it by my mother. I have a history of being shamed with regards to sex. Wow. Ok. Damn. Dark times. Suffice to say, what I learned unconsciously was that sex is not to be talked about. What I learned consciously about sex I learned from Playboy, movies, disney, and mostly other boys at school who had older brothers, which was to objectify women. That’s what I received and didn’t receive from my elders. The miseducation of Little Mountain.

Lurking in the subconscious of men is both mysogyny -the hatred or belief in the inferiority of women- and the fear and or judgement of their own sexuality. Because of the latter, I became addicted to sex and also suppressive of it. What I’ve learned now is that sex is neither good nor bad in the sense of right or wrong, though it is a source of pleasure and most certainly good, lest it becomes an means to destructive behavior -bad- through suppression. I’ve also learned that when we suppress our desire we become obsessed about it. I suppose I still, to this day, feel shame about speaking out loud about sex.anias nin

That said, at some point in my mid twenties, I started to realize that there was something wrong with sexuality in my mind and in that of the culture, and I wanted to change it, make a revolution. For that reason, I took an interest in Sexual Shamanism and Tantra and visited International School of Temple Arts in Sedona, Arizona. Also, while in Oregon I took a workshop with an Ancient Tantra master. That was also enlightening.

It is now 5 years after that training with ISTA, and 3 years after Oregon and I am proud to say that I am able to talk about sex much freer now, and that while I desire sex that desire is not hidden nor shamed. In case you were looking for an invitation, I invite you to join me in this present Sexual Renaissance.

sex sex

I think also what I want to realize is that we all want sex. Women love it as much as men. There needs to be a discussion about it in our communities, not a shaming and covering up of it. There will be no change in status quo which seems to be there are a lot of suffering men and women. Unless the stats are being doctored, it’s true. While sexual desire remains a topic of darkness, it is too important a topic to omit, which makes us feel ashamed about it. The more I look at it, I believe that american schools are cest pools for violence, dis-empowerment through imagination extinguishing, bullying, mysogyny, and dis-harmonic linear thought. I also think the silence about sex leads to the unconscious belief it is unacceptable, or maybe it’s just because of the past conditioning of our ancestors that I am here to resolve.


There is much power in sex. There is obviously more power in love. Sexual desire is passion, is fire. Passion can make huge change in our world. If we deny our passion, we deny the very thing that makes us human. We also cannot hide part of ourselves and expect ourselves to be passionate and productive people. One cannot pick and choose what to suppress and what not to. I’ve found out that there is a phenomena I call collateral suppression in which one part of you will bring down the rest of you. If you have unresolved sexual and pleasure oriented shame your ability to function in other aspects of your life will be greatly diminished, though I hope that isn’t true.

What I am also seeing is that there is such as thing as pleasure and sexual attraction not necessarily sexual desire to procreate but pleasure felt in and of myself by way of an external thing. This basic pleasure has associations with sexuality.

Who doesn’t want to feel pleasure? Ok. We all do. It is what drives us.

Freedom from fear is what I’m after. The opening of the flower that is sexuality and pleasure.

kaliI am proud of myself indeed. I’ve overcome an impossible situation of trauma, shaming, miseducation, and downright brainwashing. This is the case of many of us. Adapt, transform, overcome, resolve, or die. I’ve learned that also it is the gift of suffering that this painful emotional torture that we’ve had committed against us by our elders is the bittersweet gain of humanity. We must evolve.  I am the plant that rises towards the light of day, penetrating hard rock and lifting off the curses I’ve chosen and been dealt. We must band together in defense of our light and denounce shaming when and where it is. Not to shame the shame but to stop it from being ok anymore.

It is dangerous to deny or forget that we come from a lineage and ancestry of abuse, namely child abuse, emotional and mental if not also physical. The warrior in us must declare this perspective.

There is a tactic called ostrich politics that we humans like to use that keeps us in fear, safe and part of the herd. Wake up and realize that the fear of aloneness is our greatest fear. Said another way, the fear of being left alone is our greatest fear. We must address this fear and in doing so dare to be different.

i am different. I am unashamed. No shaming nor judgement will ever leave my lips or find root in my mind. I must walk alone in this world so I can be an authentic man, so that I can truly love.

alonenessBecoming the total and expressive human I will become I recognize it’s is about emotion that will free me. Doing this is like being buried alive, having your sense of self disassociated from your heart, and placed under a 2 ton vehicle.

Its hard to become free. Every warrior knows this, and every warrior, every lover, must free themselves lest they remain a slave to other people’s thoughts: the system. It is true that anyone can be one of them, agents in the Matrix designed to root out and squash, discredit, shame and alienate the different ones, the rebels, the revolutionaries, such as John Lennon, MLK, Yehoshua, and countless others who e been murdered and silenced by the System. The system is fear.

Nomi Marx says, “either your life is defined by the system, or the way you defy the system.”

i invite us now to take all the shoulds, all the shaming you’ve undergone, all the fears, all the trauma, all the love you wish to share but haven’t, all the anger and rage and repression… all that passion and heap it into this fire I’ve imagined before you and affirm:




That is not to say I live isolated. But I must find the resolve and healing to free myself from the need of validation, the need or want of approval, for unless I do I am never truly free. I must be free.

The love of being a warrior and dragon magician is over.  I AM HERE. Same as always.

Matthew Sherrill a.k.a. Little Mountain



Tragedy is …

Tragedy occurs when a group of sixth graders feel the loving desire to hug and cuddle one another during school and it becomes outlawed, so they cannot lest they be punished. We should’ve defied the authority.

It’s tragedy that a boy, whom just wanted to be loved, couldn’t find his way, and resorted to alcohol and Zoloft to make it through. There’s no solution in avoidance.

It’s s tragedy that love isn’t treated with respect and is shamed in boys. That is a tragedy. An all too familiar one.

It’s a tragedy that we fear death.

It’s a tragedy the split of our minds between good and bad, positive and negative, happy and sad, is and them, lovable and unlovable, for in unity is the end of war. Tragedy is that a simple shift of perception can make such a difference.

Stuck as F@#k

This is a boring post. Why? I’d rather be living in soul. I needed to write this anyways. It’s making my transition from fear to love-soul, easier. There’s my warning. Ok. That title was a little dramatic. This post is about the fact that recovering from fear and isolation can be little harder than trying to crack a tooth, which I metaphorically did when I was doing open-hearted psychic surgery on myself. The sound was just like a breaking tooth. Anyway, I’m looking to confess as well as to journey past S.A.F. Perhaps some humour will alleviate it.

Here’s my opinion. The option to remain stuck happens in this moment of choice where we can either go towards the new and the growing feelings of happiness and peace that are warming up our psyche’s, or we can remain with status quo. Let’s try that again. We can remain with status quo which is fear, or we can be lead with the better feelings of love, truth and pleasure. After all, it is our feelings which guide us. Not the ego which I’m coming to see as nothing more than the logical part of our brain analyzing the information of our world and attaching I to ourselves in the mental plane. I digressed. These feelings of love, pleasure, solidity, and warmth; these are the feelings that will lead me towards more of the same. Fear never solved anything anyway. All that said, I as a human being have been s.a.f. ok, stuck. There I said it.

Here’s what a previously stuck and now thriving person said the answer to resolving stuck is:

Full disclosure.
Admitting your stuck truth to someone.
And then admitting your deeply held desire.

In order to stay stuck, you have to bury both.
That is why this community is so powerful.

In the beginning, it was so so difficult for me to summon the energy to put one foot in front of the other and climb out of my deep doldrums.
I was so alone and so lonely.

But now?
With this extraordinary community of women surrounding me, I cannot stay stuck for long.  There is always someone to inspire or be inspired by.
We all need a hand, now and then, to haul us out of our self-induced, life-induced doldrums.

So what is my deeply held desire? I’m not just like this woman. I have created my own unique labyrinth. I don’t know what my deeply held desire is. Ok. That isn’t true. Perhaps it’s to make music and sing. For a while I was interested in healing arts which landed me closer to my actual desires which were sound healing and creating music which lead me towards harp playing, hospice, and music. Suffice to say I think I’ve remembered clearly what one of my deeply held desires was:

To make music. To sing. For sure to sing, even as a tenor. You are what you believe yourself to be, this is true, even if you have little to no education. Continuing, on to write music. To bring transformational music to the world. I suppose a deeply held desire of mine with respect to that is to acquire a bunny and make it my source connection symbol as I traverse an artistic and wise path.

My brother whom lives in Oregon is on a similar path and loves me and has invited me to create music with him.

So why don’t I go? The relationship with her. Is there an attachment issue there? Maybe I’m making more out of it than is necessary. Just love right. Attachments are all right. Do what you love. That’s great advice.

I am not only stuck because of the stucksies, but because of … well it seems to me I have too many desires that are waving around in my psyche. That seems about accurate. Too many meaning I sincerely cannot have two desires manifest at once unless they are; leaving my parent’s home, and having a creative direction. Screw careers. That word seems to overwhelming for now. But, for example, I cannot go to both Montreal or Oregon at the same time. That said, I know I am a spirit and that the physical world does not limit me. Though it is right now. But I know I’m designed to be free, whilst, right now, such freedom is waylaid by cacophonous fear. Ok. We’re trying to get this man into the flow again, right?! Agreed.

Everyone in the Universe is conspiring to alleviate me and land me on a path of purpose, pleasure and power.

I must talk a moment about personal desire and divine desire and the confusion that I’ve brought about in myself. At this point, the only desire that is coming out of my ego are; fear and addiction. I am a soul and as a soul I am unified with the Heart of Creation so therefore my desires and Life’s desires are unanimous. Alas, the final stages of egoic dissolution can be the most difficult. Basically, I’ve chosen to listen to fear. Oops. Now it’s my turn to listen to Soul 100% of the time. That’s what this process is about for me-us.

I use us as I relate to consciousness as all that is for we are all made of stars, in a way. Unity is the only truth I’ll ever need. An albino crow told me this one day, and I’ll always remember it. There are two, and yet, there is also one. Duality in unity. Integrate both and make harmony.

I suppose I’m also not stuck because I believe I can do anything I believe I can and that I don’t require permission nor another’s faith in myself to do that thing. This is what has tripped me up; faith in myself when there is no one else to agree or validate me. The need for validation has made not me stuck. (Please excuse the verbage. It’s magical verbage. You get it.)

This is a good read about Manifestation: http://ryuc.info/common/creation_process/five_requirements.htm

My soul puts up with my ego as it comes to reality with having the world at it’s fingertips and that I can have make or do anything that I want as long as it is of my soul. Otherwise, I’m not interested and have little to no emotional pleasure -at best- about the desire.

So what do I do? Nothing. If I cannot decide what to do, I do nothing. Which is better than doing something and getting my head chopped off.

Discordant desires because I haven’t come to terms with my spirit body as my authentic body because as an ego I don’t get it. It’s a whole new world beyond ego that I am ready to become when I’m ready to let go of it. It’s kind of like a dog that is gnawing at my leg. I just want to kick it off already. I won’t until I do.

There’s no sense in becoming afraid now. I’ve sussed it out. I don’t know what I truly want because I don’t choose. That leap, and the letting go necessary is what it takes.

Please excuse my rambling. I apologize. Funny thing for the ego to recognize itself and then start to wonder about itself.

Hypnotic sounding voice:  Y o u   a r e   n o t   y o u .  Y o u   a r e   n o t    h e .
The Ego hypnotically responding:  T h e n   w h a t   a m   I  ?

While this is sooooo interesting, I again apologize for the boring post. It seems that the ego is relating itself to things in a self-and-other kind of way. It’s highly judgmental. I can train my ego not to relate to things as an independent self, and I’ve succeeded in doing that to a degree. That meaninglessness is scary to ‘it’ It keeps wanting to think it is ‘the body or me’ I suppose my people and I created the beast. Then what is it’s purpose? That reminds me of the post about the logic, analytical, left brain. I think that the ego is a manifestation of the logical, analytical, judgemental, meaning seeking, side of us, and that by training it to be in harmony with meaninglessness, or authentic love, I can more easily walk a path towards my soul’s desire. I just read an article that I like; https://masteringalchemy.com/content/higher-purpose-ego-1

It talks about a purpose of 3d reality is to Master Courage and if we are to Master Courage then we need a nemesis or fear. That leads me to believe that the insanity of the New World Order is in it’s right place just as fear programming and brainwashing is. As hard as that is to believe, I like the Mastery of Courage idea. We all know it’s true.

I had this fascinating dream that has importance because in it I was showing a friend about magic and trying to help them, us, integrate how it works.

In the dream my friend Ryan was able to focus on his desire and have it manifest. What he did was imagine that he wanted the billiards balls to all become 🎱 balls. He did, though intriguingly were colored with permanent marker which was quite real. I noticed that he had his focus than didn’t look at it, kind of like a watched pot never boils. I think this is important in manifestation, to intend or visualize then let it go. I’ve seen this another time too. We’ve got to trust. Or where’s the surprise and fun?!

Before waking I spoke to Ryan and Mark wanting them to really get that they did magic through focusing towards their desire, letting it go, and acknowledging the success of ones willful intent.

The mystery of the 8 ball and the unknown are symbols for completion or finality and mystery. The magic I am thinking is taking me towards life fulfillment and evolving out of a stuck defeatist place that I make occur through change of focus which has intent in it.

My advice is to have no future about your thoughts, and also to focus on what you want. That said, if Karla McClaren speaks about Conscious Complaining on YouTube which I’m enjoying listening to.

Thanks to the community for your words and presence during a phase.

Lastly, to the dark, heavy and painful side of life; thank you for without your richness and pain I would be less than what I am.

For Grieving

Your story is sorrowful. That said, I like it.

Know that as you grieve, I we are with you. More than that, know that you are sufficient to carry out your life and are wise in grieving, so continue if you wish.

Know that Neither are you ever lost, that you are light, incandescent and warm in the cavernous inner darkness.

This is for certain. I love myself. If you believe me, or not, or believe yourself or not, I love you. Know that belief is self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you have been broken or lost, I ask you to be open to love again, to my love, and in doing so, be certain, of something else than just the isolating poisonous pain.

I can understand if you don’t want to; that you’d rather remain in bed, under the covers, weeping, disliking, being angry. I understand if you want to be held.

This is your holding.

I am holding you.

I apologize if I forgot how do do this intimacy and love thing, and I see that you never forgot. Thank you for not going away.

This is the greatest day of my life.

I understand or accept totally if you don’t want to be happy ever again. As I said before, I don’t want you to change how you are dealing with this in any way whatsoever. I love you. So, I will be by your side for now. This is my destiny, my purpose.

Thank you for being true to your loss or experience . It is a great honor to love you. You teach me so much about what is important, in particular, here and now presence. There is no future in my presence by your side. I am complete by your side.

Though we may be miles apart physically, my love, my instincts know we are never apart. Again, there is no effort necessary in changing. When grieving is occurring it has it’s own process. You may want to be done grieving. Don’t be. There is honor, dignity, honesty and true love in it. I implore you, to keep grieving. I don’t want you to be done grieving.

Perhaps, grieving is as necessary a part of life as is rejoicing. This is true. I understand you may not want to grieve anymore, but I do. I love to grieve. I love to honor that which I loved by grieving it. That’s a gift. In grieving, you are giving your love with sorrow and tears to this thing.

You love to grieve. Remember, I will never leave you. Remember what I’ve said. Grieve for us. Make adjustments to your grieving as you continue the process. It is by grieving that we recognize the true face of love. It is in grieving, that we shall see the face of what we most desired, our innermost selves renewed.

Also, the reality of this love I share, these words, try and believe them.

– a comment to Poison Yvy turned post


This evening I prayed for Resolution
To an issue
And got it.

It is kind of a non-resolution resolution
That is to say
A looking at the “problem” not as a “problem” but from totality
From resolution
From the already done place

That place contains the beauty of hope
That place contains the anonymity of transcendence
That place contains the pleasure of dancing
and the wise forgetfulness of an elder
or the innocent forgetfulness of a child

For many many years I suffered from hyper self-awareness
Not the kind- it is resolved
That builds confidence
But the kind- it is resolved
That breaks your will in looking at it
with unskilled relativity –it is resolved

While it is neither ignoring it
Nor arrogantly clearing it
But silently sharing space with it
That it is and isn’t resolved
Oh language
Oh wisdom
Oh Life

It is seen
It is happy
It is alive.
I think this may be true
Though I don’t know

Though I don’t know.

Though I don’t know.

In the Mind of No One the Defeating, Negating, Repeating, Joy of Life is Home.